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Throttle Linearity - Thoughts?

So, me being hard-headed as I am, made a rant on this game and proceeded to try again. I turned everything off except traction control (medium) and dialled the difficulty up to legend. With those settings I won three races.

I still wanted traction control fully off, and I knew I essentially had a lead foot. Last night I got the idea to turn on throttle linearity, and I set it to 27. I went to Silverstone and missed pole by 0.033 seconds (1:32.248 vs 1:32.281). And I got to the race, and my God, the battles I had with the AI were spectacular.

I ended up finishing second in that race, but I've never enjoyed Silverstone more than that race - and I hate that track across ALL racing games. I just wanted to know what your thoughts are on the throttle linearity.
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    Operator1 said:

    If an optional setting makes a car do what you want the car to do, then that's a good thing. That's what configurable settings are for. It doesn't matter if other people use or don't use the same settings that you use. It's your game, so play it however you enjoy it most.

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