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Check out the brand new Career Trailer for F1™ 2017 | Codemasters Blog

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imageCheck out the brand new Career Trailer for F1™ 2017 | Codemasters Blog

We’re very pleased to be able to show you our latest gameplay trailer for F1™ 2017, the official videogame of the 2017 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP™. This one showcases the extensive Career Mode that makes it the most complete game in the franchise’s history. Make sure you check out the new trailer below, or on our official YouTube channel: youtube.com/formula1game.

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  • MaximKerberosMaximKerberos Member New Car Smell
    Hello Codemaster team.

    First of all thank you for this incredible game we have. It allows pilots to sit in the cockpit and train and fun!!

    I hope f1 2017 will not allow to cheat in time attack mode.
    At the moment I have f1 2015 and f1 2016 ps4 games and in time attack mode in general result table most recorded results seems cheated. If you pick up any result from the top and check trajectory will see probably that it cuts turns in places where track (game) allows it.
    I see at the moment only few tracks where it is not possible: canada, hungrary and a1 ring. Probably Austin in usa

    Please check existing tracks and fix places that allow users to cheat.

    Thank you,
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