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Motorsport in a female way

f1loverf1lover Member New Car Smell
Dear friends lovers of Formula 1 and motorport.
I am poping on your forum to share with you my website about our passion. You know, being a girl loving motorsport and trying to impose herself in this engine-world, it is quite complicated, but it is the goal that I fixed to myself. I am writing about my passion and I want to share that with other lovers of fast engines.
You can find me on my site http://www.f1nal-lap.be/  and on Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/f1nal.lap
Feel free to check and make feedbacks if you want.
 Many thanks to all of you and to the potential future support  :) 



  • LightningFast90LightningFast90 Member Wheel Nut
    Hi, I enjoyed reading your articles. I have bookmarked your website and will continue to read your work. I too am a woman with a passion for motorsport and fast cars and you should be congratulated for writing about it! Best of luck with your writing and website. 

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