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GP1 Championship - Season 6

We are proud to announce GP1 championship season 6 kicking off September 22
League is for drivers who are fair, clean, can do 100% races, zero assists, and have steering wheel
Rules and Regulations as posted here http://www.gp1c.com/rules-regulations
Races are every other Friday Sunday, 18 drivers grid, formation lap, manual starts, manual pit entry, manual pit speed limiter, manual pit launch and any other feature codies would introduce to make it as closer to reality as possible. If helmet or cockpit view lock would be there, it would activated as well
If you are up to the challenge and interested to join, leave a comment here with your PSN ID and email address. We would take it from there

Currently there 18 confirmed drivers and 2 reserve drivers
We are looking for reserve drivers and 2 commentators since codies have confirmed 2 spectator seats, so we are utilizing those for commentators. Anyone interested message us please and we would give you access to our YouTube channel to stream the race weekends

Anticipating feedback the soonest to arrange things and brief commentators of our website, rules, league history, etc...


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