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DiRT 4 FAQ | Codemasters Blog

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imageDiRT 4 FAQ | Codemasters Blog

The world’s leading off-road racing series is back! DiRT 4 puts you at the wheel of the most iconic rally vehicles ever made as you face the toughest roads on the planet in Rally, Rallycross & Landrush, challenging you to Be Fearless.

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  • McSilencerMcSilencer Member New Car Smell
    Fanatec CSL Elite Steering Wheel P1 (PS4™ version):
    The display and the LED on the steering wheel do not work. When does an update come?
  • eproneeprone Member New Car Smell
    It is weird that T500RS is supported on Thurstmaster page for PS4 and Dirt4. I bought this game based on this information. I hope codemaster could support this wheel and fix those disconnecting issues soon. I do own also Dirt Rally on PS4 and have been supporting Codemaster long time.
  • AdamSkřivánekAdamSkřivánek Member New Car Smell
    I have one problem. I have Microsoft Sidewinder PRECISION RACING WHELL, not Microsoft sidewinder FORCE FEEDBACK WHEEL. Is that compatible too?
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