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F1 2016 not showing up on my google play store

AllStar1319AllStar1319 Member New Car Smell
Help and answers would be very much appreciated. I just got a new Samsung galaxy phone and I really want to get f1 2016 but when I try to search for it on the google play store the official game doesn't show up. However when I searched it on my web browser it came up from the google play store. Does anyone know how to fix this or know the problem? 



  • AllStar1319AllStar1319 Member New Car Smell
    Btw I have looked everywhere for people having an issue like me and have found absoloutley nothing
  • Varney1Varney1 Member New Car Smell
    The best I can think of is that if your device isn't compatable with an app, the app will not show up on the play store on that device
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