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Setups for F1 App - Future Features Poll

F1SetupsF1Setups Member New Car Smell
edited August 2017 in F1 Games - Setups

Following on from a successful launch of our Android, iOS and Windows App, we are looking at the future. Below is a list of features we are considering adding to the apps.  We are already working on adding the windows 10 app to the Xbox One.

Please vote on the features you would most like to see.

Thank you for your input.

Setups for F1 App - Future Features Poll 8 votes

UDP linking (record UDP and link to setup for everyone to see)
BERTELF1SetupsNirreMcSilencer 4 votes
Discussion Area (for sharing and discussing setups and the game)
Jb431 1 vote
"Race later" (A section of the app for saving setups for easy access)
marosimarkaaroncampion 2 votes
Integrated F1 Calendar
Challenges / Achievements
Mac Version of the App
SandroDJNL 1 vote
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