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custom_udp support for Dirt Rally, and the data structure of extradata=3

Does latest Dirt Rally support custom_udp in the hardware_settings_config.xml ? I tried following, but don't seems to work

<custom_udp enabled="true" filename="my_udp.xml" ip="" port="20777" delay="1" />

file of my_udp.xml located at ...\My Games\DiRT Rally\motionplatforms

I need to access following telemetry data at once:
pitch, yaw, roll, gforce_lateral, gforce_longitudinal, gforce_vertical
right now the only way for me to access all the telemetry above is to open two udp ports. one with extradata=0, another with extradata=1;

Can someone also print me a data structure of extradata=3? i have not been able to find one online.



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