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Saturday Spotlight: Sounding Out F1 2017’s Audio | Codemasters Blog

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imageSaturday Spotlight: Sounding Out F1 2017’s Audio | Codemasters Blog

When you’re driving F1 cars in-game, both classic or modern, what they sound like really makes the difference – from hearing the 2017 Scuderia Ferrari overtake you around Spa, or hearing the charm of those screaming V10s or V8s. As there’s nothing that puts a smile on our face more here at Codemasters than the sound of an F1 car driven around a circuit in anger, we sat down with F1 2017’s Audio Lead Brad Porter and Audio Designer David Gurney to sound them out about F1 2017’s audio.

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  • Cap10Cap10 Member Pit Crew
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    watchin the live event on twitch and the external sounds (tv-broadcast) are awful just like previous years nothing has changed. seem that you use the same sounds as internal and modify them with reverb, why?? it sounds so bad. why can't you guys just get the thing to sound like it suppose to. also Ferrari engine internal way too much echoed. get it together and do something awesome this is just bad.
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