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F1 2017 PC www.raceleagues.com signing up

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Hello All, we are setting up a league for F1 2017, are group is friendly and welcoming, please come and check us out for fair racing and a great Community, you must be experienced and own a wheel, although you can use a pad if your good with them. Raceleagues used to be Slipstreamers leagues, where we raced back in the days of f1 2011 2012 and 13 also other sims such as Asetto corsa etc but Codeis F1 is where are roots are.

Please only join if you can commit to all races or at least most of them, as there will be 16 rounds each Sunday.

All Assists off, including manual pit stops, Formation Lap, Full flags and safety car on, weather will be set to Dynamic. all events start at 7pm GMT with Short Practice and Qualifying, race distance will be 50%, Full Damage and tyre wear on. Car performance will be set to equal.


Testing for league will begin in the 1st month before the league starts on the 1st of October. Please only Join if you can commit to every or most races, Sundays at 19:00hrs GMT, there will be a 3 week break between Christmas and New year :)

Cheers all  Please Add me on Steam Senna_forever and sign up on our site and choose a team

Rnd 1 Melborne - Australian GP Sun 1 Oct 19:00- 
Rnd 2 Shanghai - Chinese GP Sun 8 Oct 19:00- 
Rnd 3 Silverstone - British GP Sun 15 Oct 19:00- 
Rnd 4 Sepang - Malaysian GP Sun 22 Oct 19:00- 
Rnd 5 Spa-Francorchamps - Belgian GP Sun 29 Oct 19:00- 
Rnd 6 Circuit de Monaco - Monaco GP Sun 5 Nov 19:00- 
Rnd 7 Baku - Azerbaijan GP Sun 12 Nov 19:00- 
Rnd 8 Red Bull Ring / A1 Ring - Austrian GP Sun 19 Nov 19:00- 
Rnd 9 Bahrain International Circuit - Bahrain GP Sun 26 Nov 19:00- 
Rnd 10 Interlagos - Brazilian GP Sun 3 Dec 19:00- 
Rnd 11 Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez - Mexican GP Sun 10 Dec 19:00- 
Rnd 12 Suzuka Circuit - Japanese GP Sun 17 Dec 19:00- 
Rnd 13 Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve - Canadian GP Sun 7 Jan 19:00- 
Rnd 14 Circuit of the Americas - American GP Sun 14 Jan 19:00- 
Rnd 15 Hungaroring - Hungarian GP Sun 21 Jan 19:00- 
Rnd 16 Yas Marina - Abu Dhabi GP Sun 28 Jan 19:00-
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  • sennaforever83sennaforever83 Member New Car Smell
  • RaceLeaguesRaceLeagues Member New Car Smell
    still a few good seats available for this league, ferrari and redbull seats.
    First come, first served.

    Looking forward to a few practice races before this season starts :)
  • sennaforever83sennaforever83 Member New Car Smell
    4 seats left if anyone still wants to join :)
  • sennaforever83sennaforever83 Member New Car Smell
    3 seats left guys plus there will be reserves also.. cheers :)
  • sennaforever83sennaforever83 Member New Car Smell
    A few people have droped out due to other commitments... seats available guys please check us out :) add me on steam Senna_forever 

  • sennaforever83sennaforever83 Member New Car Smell
    Bump :)                                                                                
  • sennaforever83sennaforever83 Member New Car Smell
    Bump guys a few drivers have been kicked in the league for no shows round 3 next please join guys remember no assists as people keep joining and wanting traction control! :P
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