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ApexOnlineRacing Season 14 Sign Ups are OPEN!!!!!!

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Hey guys - welcome to the F1 2017 league announcement!

I'm sure most of you are excited about the new F1 game being released in less than a week! With two successful AOR seasons having been completed on F1 2016, both of which produced over 15 leagues across the three platforms, it's finally time to move on to F1 2017 - being released by Codemasters on 25th August.

The hype and excitement for the new game has been huge so far, and as always we at AOR are excited to bring you the best multiplayer experience possible in an official F1 game, with our leagues aimed at clean, fair and competitive racing!

How will the leagues work?
As will be no surprise, our main F1 leagues will continue in a similar format to what has been popular here for many years, with short qualifying and 50% races in a tiered league structure on Sunday nights - accomodating both fast drivers expected to drive with no assists, as well as slower or less experienced drivers who may require some assists to be enabled. We are of course discussing potential changes to the settings etc compared to F1 2016, and although we can't confirm anything about this just yet (difficult when the game isn't out yet), any changes that are made will be announced in due course. Leagues will be available on all 3 platforms - XB1, PS4 & PC!

With the game also (re)introducing classic cars, there is always a chance that leagues - or at least special events - could appear with some of these as well, depending on the interest and how they work online. Other side leagues and tournaments may also be considered at a later stage. I'm 100% certain that lots of social races will be arranged in the days and weeks after release - in fact, our community has already started organising these in the F1 2017 Social Races forum! These races are free for anyone to join, whether you are in the league or not, as long as you go in with the mindset of racing cleanly and respecting the AOR rules.

What happens after release?
Provisionally, I would say that official sign-ups for Season 14 are likely to go up around 10 days after the game has been released. We don't want to start this process earlier than that, as we want all drivers to have played the game before signing up to make sure that you like it and are ready to commit to a full season of racing on it, and we also want a bit of time to test the game to decide on the most appropriate settings and make sure the online works well enough.

Since we are moving onto a new game, the pre-season phase will consist of a mandatory time trial event which both new and returning drivers will have to participate in, and most likely one or two mandatory 'evaluation races', all of which will affect which league tier you get placed in. League performance from Season 13 will also be considered to some extent towards the league placements, as well as the car selection, as per usual. As always our intention is to use this information to create the most competitive leagues possible out of the drivers who sign up!

Here you have an early look at our provisional race calendar for Season 14. . Keep in mind however that the dates are subject to change, and certain tracks may be scrapped should they prove to be overly problematic for league racing.


Register your interest:
For now, we would like to gauge the general interest for league racing on F1 2017 within the community! If you have managed to get this far into the thread, please sign up to the interest thread on the AOR website. By doing so you will register your interest and help us get an idea of how many leagues the coordinators should plan for. I will also try to remember to send everyone who registers here a private message on the site once the sign-ups have gone live, to make sure you are notified of this as quickly as possible!


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