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jennyannemjennyannem Member, Codemasters Community Manager
Hey guys,

Any technical questions, or bug reports should be posted in the ‘F1 Technical Assistance’ forum – threads on these topics created in ‘F1 General Discussion’ will be moved.

We’d like you to keep each thread to a specific bug or discussion as opposed to having a long thread per platform that covers lots of things, like we've had before. If you already see a thread for the question or issue you’d like to discuss, please add your thoughts there, rather than creating a new one. Duplicate threads will be closed or merged with the main thread.

Finally when reporting a bug or asking a question the more information you can provide the more quickly we’ll be able to help. Things like the platform you’re playing on (PS4, PC or Xbox One), the version of the game (this will be shown on the Press Start screen) and which game mode you’re in (Career, Quick Race etc) are very helpful to us but any other information you can provide will also be useful.

If you're reporting an issue with a multiplayer game, please tell us how many people were in your session, what settings you had your game on and what happened prior to the issue.

Thanks very much, and have fun :)

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