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F1 2017 - Safety Car DSQ

I don't know if there is a bug involved with what just happened but it sure as heck didn't feel fair.

Career Mode, Melbourne, Race, Renault.
Qualified in 9th. 50% length. 75% AI difficulty.
Started out dry (and therefore cars set out in dry setups), about 10 laps in, it started raining. I got the jump on the field by pitting early and switching to Intermediates, after a few laps, I ended up in 2nd place as everyone else got tied up in the pits.
Raikkonen was out in front, I couldn't even see him, not sure of the delta, but it was a lot.

After about 5 laps, a safety car gets deployed. I match the delta times given, all is well, then I get told to get within 10 car lengths of the car in front. Conditions are deteriorating and I'm in a Renault, Raikkonen is so far in front there's no way I can catch him in 30 secs. Anyway, I get given a drive through penalty, then another, then another. Driving for a minute and a half I can't even see Raikonnen & Safety Car. Next thing I know, I've been disqualified.

I wasn't backing up the pack deliberately, I was in a slow Renault in the wet, impossible for me to catch a Ferrari and apparently the worlds fastest safety car.

Is this a bug of Safety Car not adjusting for wet weather + slow cars? Or is this punishment deliberate? It seems incredibly unfair, it was a good race until the safety car...


    Ive just had this being 31 seconds behind lewis hamilton in mer when saftey car comes out then it says im falling to far behind (well duh) so i catching the safety car and then i get dsq for being only 20seconds lewis but still to far behind. PLEASE GET THIS FIXXED 
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