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F1 2017 Career Mode Engine Wear

Hi All.
Just wanted to see how everyone was getting on with Engine Wear in career mode. I'm currently driving for Toro Rosso and seem to be getting through engine parts pretty quickly. I'm not sure if this is meant to be like this or not until I put more into durability on R&D. So how's everyone elses engine holding up? Also on my 2nd GearBox on my 3rd Race.


  • Scottishdude00Scottishdude00 Member New Car Smell
    hey there i was the exact same but not so much on the gearbox but i do my own gears.one of the first thing i invested my r&d points in was 30percent more  ice internal combustion engine in the durabilty section in the r&d tree and its alot better .all my other parts have been lasting 2 races 3 if im lucky but im only on spain just now .Also it takes flipping ages to get r&d points aswell.
  • GosuTomTomGosuTomTom Member New Car Smell
    The problem comes from the race length you chose (probably 25%). For example, the gearbox is set to last 6 races, around 15 laps each in 25%, so around 90 laps top. It's okay about the race because the number of laps and the gearbox "stamina" matches. BUT you still do around 10 laps in each practice session, resulting in a more important wear. 

    We have to hope a hotfix will be released soon. Until it is, we have to invest every points in reliabilty development, run the smallest number of laps in practices, and adapt our driving style. In some way it's interesting to play like that. 
  • DPaton23DPaton23 Member Wheel Nut
    Managing the wear of engine and gearbox has definitely proved to be a major pain in the you know what. 

    Especially early on in your career with the lower tiered teams. 
  • matthewracingmatthewracing Member New Car Smell
    do the devs know about the 25% engine glitch?
  • Scottishdude00Scottishdude00 Member New Car Smell
    do the devs know about the 25% engine glitch?
    im glad you said that because i do 25% races and after 5 races my gearbox is only 15% used and ive been wondering how the heck is that as all my other parts are wearing away alot quicker,so how does this glitch work cause although im not complaining id still like the extra challenge.
  • ŠtěpánKubičinaŠtěpánKubičina Member New Car Smell
    Hi, I have the same issues (playing Toro Rosso) but at 50% lenght of races...I don't know, maybe it's just because I am a bad driver :smiley: but My engine and gearbox wear is just so big...like I have to change my gearbox after the second race in China and a lot of my engine parts... 
  • PatjeF1PatjeF1 Member New Car Smell
    Same problem with 100% races . two races done and engine is for 50%  gone. The other parts seems to be ok.
  • ChriZ900ChriZ900 Member New Car Smell
    I wrote this and count the laps. Thats defintily a bug and not a real mangament http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/56926/engine-durability#latest
  • Toblerone03Toblerone03 Member New Car Smell
    Both myself, running with Toro Rosso at 50% races, and my friend, running with Sauber at 50% race length are encountering this issue. It is very annoying and certainly a bug. Mine is not as massive but I am on my third engine and 3rd gearbox at Britain. It is really annoying me. 
    Hope it's fixed soon. 

  • Gunnar20Gunnar20 Member Unleaded
    I guess engine wear as a whole also comes into play if you do the Practice Session programs of Track Acclimatisation, Tyre Wear, Fuel Management etc. as I tend to do (well, not tyre wear as I find that too tedious).
  • MushtumbMushtumb Member New Car Smell
    It seems like there is no way of getting out of the practices sessions. I been doing a little experimenting and noticed that the amount of wear that your dealing to your car during these practice sessions isn't worth the effort for the amount of ressource points that they give. I been doing the first practice session by doing the qualifying pace followed by fuel saving then finally track acclimatisation. Doing this gives you 165 points out 275 for the whole practice. Then i skip the other 2 practice sessions. I have my career on one shot qualifying. I proceed with the qualifying, then i will race. After the race...my overall wear for the car is 13% and my gearbox at 7% Hope this helps  
  • ZieonnZieonn Member New Car Smell
    edited March 2018
    For me I put it to Automatic and it fixes it for me my gearbox wear went from 3 races = dead gaearbox to 6-7 races = dead gearbox with any team from Toro Rosso to Sauber have not tested with teams better than Renault (Renault is good to though).
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