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F1 2017 Frustrating Safety Car situation

It was the same on 2016 and repeated in 2017. In career mode, during a race event, if a safety car comes in play and somehow the car behind is coming up side-by-side, you need to get behind that car. If you do the same to the car in front, you have to give your position back. I understand giving the position back but why doesn't it happen with the AI? Very frustrating...


  • Munginho10Munginho10 Member New Car Smell
    Same problem on PS4. Full safety car and VSC. There's one or the other every race in career mode. Car behind sails by and you're warned to give the place back if you try and rectify it. Plus, the AI barge you out the way, go transparent, then reappear in front of you. Highly frustrating like you say.
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