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How do i get better turning?

lordnukerlordnuker Member New Car Smell
I have some problems with the turning circle on some of the tracks, especially hairpin turns like in Monaco and Canada. Where should i start tuning for better turning? 


  • CompLex1986CompLex1986 Member Unleaded
    If you play with a controller, then set the sensitivities to maximum. All steering settings on 100 except for deadzone. Now if you drive well and follow the line, then you can make turns like the hairpin on Monaco.
  • sebasdenbsebasdenb Member Unleaded
    higher aero never hurts. every setup section gives a pretty detailed explanation of what a higher/lower value does to your car. I recommend reading through those. Changing your controller (assumedly) settings like suggested above is another option although I play on a wheel so I’m unsure whether the post above helps in any way, you’ll have to find that out for yourself.
  • Operator1Operator1 Member, Drivers Champion

    In general, stiffer rear and/or softer front often helps reduce understeer by creating some oversteer.

    *Disclaimer: my comments are only my own musings, not 'speaking for others' or 'stating opinions as facts.'
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  • TorqueZ31TorqueZ31 Member New Car Smell
    edited August 28
    Low speed hairpin corners = softer springs and high front antiroll bar to create more mechanical grip, as aero will not work in slow corners.

    If the car isn't turning because you're not getting full lock with your wheel/controller, that's a setup issue. (or maybe a bug)
  • FetalFetal Member Unleaded
    edited September 1
    set camber to max (the words, not the numbers) will give more grip in corners.
    move toe in to the right for fronts . will help the car turn in better. careful too much will have u over-steering like a ****

    someone needs to point out to codies max camber is actually -3.5..... and -2.5 is the min
    MAX camber = more traction in corners. (hungary / monaco)
    MIN camber = more traction on straights. (monza)

    yes even tho mathematically -3 is smaller than -2... its talking about the angle the tyre sits at compared to the road
    these lines represent the cars tyres ----->  /-o-\   = maximum or -3.5
    ---------------> |-o-|  = minimum or -2.5 
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