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help with first time set up of t300

i just purchased t300 with Ferrari gt wheel for PS4. This is my first racing game. When I hook up it does calibration and so on but it does not show as a controller in the game.


  • Sidekick1050Sidekick1050 Member New Car Smell
    That's odd. Since I'm on PC I can't really help except for some basic troubleshooting steps. Make sure the wheel is plugged in properly if your wheel has a mode switch set it to PS4.

    If your wheel works in other games, I'd contact Codemasters right away.

  • 2728f502728f50 Member New Car Smell
    I have the exact same problem ps4 not recognising t300 connection??????? goes through calibration sequence toggle switches wotk some functions but in controller set up its not there
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