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Qualifying Bug (F1 2017 1.3 XboxOne) and few others

This happened in my first qualifying in my career at Australia. So condition in Q1 was interesting; there was light rain whole session, but game said that it's about 2 seconds faster to use ultrasofts than inters. So everyone uses ultras. I was P6 after my first lap and I decided to test inters. My lap time was second slower than my first lap but my position was still P6 when I went over the finish line. It would have been great Q1, but when graphic went to screen to say that I was P18, I was confused. Then I went to the session results and almost everyone who were ahead of me had lap time (1:24.0-1:26.5) what they would've been done with dry conditions, not with wet track and light rain. My lap time was 1:37.7. So I think the condition can't change like in one second from wet to dry. I was very disappointment after this happen, but luckily this was just my training career, but I don't want to see this kind of bug again in my main career. Also it would be better if you could choose tyres between dry and wet tyres when you start race in 50/50 wet/dry tyres condition. Also online races have been just disqualifications when I go over the finish line (yeah I have heard this is popular problem)


  • greenmind73greenmind73 Member New Car Smell
    This has happened 2 me every time I do Q1, 3 times now. But 2 of them has been dry. I've been pushed from 9 to 17, 9 to 16 & 5 to 16. I don't get it & nobody else has mentioned it. I feel as tho I'm doing something wrong. Anyone got the same problem or what I'm doing wrong. I've lowered my difficulty each time & still can't get out of Q1. I'm using Renault & been playing this game since 2010, so I feel like I kno what I'm doing. 
  • Bucko3888Bucko3888 Member New Car Smell
    edited August 2017
    Same happened to me.(PS4)  First career race and qualified 12th but when I returned to the pits and Qual ended I was knocked out in 17th? Quali results where 2 seconds faster on the cut scene then they actually did in Quali. Results said HAM, RIC, SEB, BOTTAS. Then when the race loaded kimmi was on pole with BOTTAS 2nd??? Kimmi went on to win but the winners cut scene label said sebastian 4th place. Only other bug I've noticed is drivers hats and helmets during cut scenes are pixelated.

    Cant believe this game got released with these issues. It's embarrassing. 
  • aaroncampionaaroncampion Member Unleaded
    Same for me. Its like q1 is scripted to do that. Coz q2 times are slower then q1 and q3 times are q1. So there must be a bug
  • TimothyParadoxTimothyParadox Member New Car Smell
    I made a thread about the same issue, which was mostly ignored. Laps AI do offscreen are somehow scorching fast, like they're using ultrasofts in dry conditions. It was raining in my session...
  • greenmind73greenmind73 Member New Car Smell
    Yea, I 4got to state that I was on PS4 not Xbox however. 
  • CyrealReeperCyrealReeper Member New Car Smell
    edited August 2017
    This is happening to me on PC even in dry conditions. I pulled off a 13th place in a Sauber and was thrilled as I was in Q2 for the first time but when the results were shown I was in 16th. Several other races I qualified in 15-16th and then suddenly at the back of the grid when the results come out. I'm not simming or fast forwarding ANY of my qualy sessions. The 13th place I actually got after the session ended, crossed the finish line in 13th, then suddenly on results screen I was 16th.
  • punkologistpunkologist Member New Car Smell
    edited August 2017
    This is pretty much the same as my issue. Let's hope it's on CM radar to fix. I don't really mind the simmed times as long as they fit for the track conditions and difficulty level. Dry times from the AI when the track is wet is not acceptable.
  • echo321echo321 Member Wheel Nut
    this bug only happens in changeable conditions, but when the conditions are optimal for a special set of tyres(dry/inters/wets) it doesn't... it's just the AI that are still on a flying lap that improve their laptimes... like you can do too. tested this
  • DulgharDulghar Member New Car Smell
    edited January 2018
    Aarrgh, frustrating to see this in every F1 game since a few years now and that it's still not fixed.

    I'm using F1 2017 1.11 and just had a career quali in Austria. Q3, mixed conditions. Light rain at the start and a drying track.

    With 3 seconds to go I'm driving over the start/finish line with almost all the other cars behind me, and a big gap between me and the rest. So bug 1, they shouldn't had the chance to complete another lap due to time regulations.

    I'm finishing the lap, struggling with the semi-dry track in a 1.14.4, 1,5 seconds quicker then the number 2 at that moment. Since the time is up, my engineer starts talking and stating that it's a disappointing result and we should fix it in the race.... wait... what? I was first and

    1. the cars behind me should not had the chance to drive another lap and
    2. they were disappearing in my mirrors, so I was obviously quicker than anyone else. I even overtook 2 cars.

    Bug 2 => End result:

    I'm 7th... number 8 was Vettel with the 1,5 seconds gap mentioned before. First was Carlos Sainz, who miraculously had the chance to finish the lap and despite of the greasy track drove a whopping 1.08.3... say what??

    yeah right!

    Please fix this disgrace of a bug Codemasters.
  • ZachrulezZachrulez Member Wheel Nut
    edited January 2018
    Yeah, I just had to stop valuing qualifying too highly. The way the game auto-generates laps for the AI it is actually quite difficult to get pole position. They actually do laps that are far quicker than their race pace ends up being. Obviously when you have transitioning weather it's even harder. If you see rain forecast in the middle of a quali session the sooner you go out on dries the better. (Sometimes though you are just screwed.)
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