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f1 2017 setups!

DegrusDegrus Member New Car Smell
Can someone explain how the setup works, i really dont understand the text that "explains" what it does, so if someone could help me give pros and cons on when u turn up/down?


  • simpgraussimpgraus Member New Car Smell
    as for explain the setup i cant really do that, however there is a great website
    they already have a lot of setup for this years game

  • mrenmren Member New Car Smell
    Have Project Cars working perfectly on pS4 pro with the new Fanatic PS4 wheel but can't get it recognised in the new F1 2017 game. Where are the options to calibrate a wheel?
  • SteveHazSteveHaz Member New Car Smell
    To get a good set up for any car start with the default settings.. do some laps see what times you can produce... then start to tinker depending on track type. If you are at Monaco look to higher settings for wings etc, if you are at Spa use lower settings for wings etc. When your car feels balanced and times have improved settle for that...
    If this doesn't happen get 3 setups from f1carsetup.com load them all in and pick the best, compared with your effort. 
    Setups by STYXX used to be the defacto for me, but I dont think hes posting for f1 2017... if you are reading this Styxx we need you...
  • coolieboycoolieboy Member, Drivers Petrol Head
    I'm starting to notice that setups don't really change your lap times as a whole from the default setup.  The difference between min rear wing and Max is 5 kmh.  I find I have more success if I tune the car for a specific sector rather than the whole track. 
  • abiesabies Member New Car Smell

    I can’t make any changes in / to setup as it keeps “jumping / sliding” continuously.

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