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F1 2017 - PC version - Frustrating keyboard issues

I am mainly using a Logitech G27 wheel but I also want to use the keyboard to navigate the screens. I have customised my G27 buttons to be useful in a race to access the MFD for example. I am finding it very frustrating because the keyboard controls do not seem to work on certain screens. For example, I went to watch a replay but there was no way of escaping back to the race. I pressed every button on my keyboard and couldn't get out of the replay mode - even the Escape key didn't work. Also, I can't seem to skip any cut scenes. How do I do that? Finally, how do I switch between the game displaying keyboard navigational buttons (F1 F2 etc.) and the controller numbers (e.g.16, 17, 18). Sometimes it displays the keyboard numbers and letters, sometimes the controller numbers. Any help on any of these issues please?
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