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Help with no assists, please?

ObiWanMaHomieObiWanMaHomie Member New Car Smell
edited August 29 in F1 Games - Setups

This is the first post I've made on here so forgive me if I've asked the question in the wrong thread. 

Anyway, I'm using the Xbox One Elite Controller, not a wheel as my son would probably break it haha. I'm struggling to fully put the power down and avoid locking up, I try the triggers locked and unlocked, decreased the throttle on power to its lowest in the set up (50%), I have the left stick set to instant and use the long stick for more precise handling, I've even changed the throttle and break linearity in the controller settings. I up shift early and downshift early, also I apply the throttle and break gently and I still cannot sort it?! I'm pretty good at the game, however it's frustrating because I know I can get in the top 100 in time trial and advance to legend from master in career. 

Any help would be amazing!

Oh I'm using the Ferrari if that makes a difference. 


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  • sebasdenbsebasdenb Member Unleaded
    Accepted Answer
    My advice would actually be not to mess around with any settings such as throttle linearity, but to go into Time Trial with standard controller settings, and as you're exiting a hairpin, follow your throttle input closely with the throttle/brake bars on the bottom right. Maybe you find yourself going from 0% to 100% throttle too quickly. Maybe you'll discover your trigger 100% input and the game's 100% don't add up, which could explain your struggles, but I wouldn't expect that kind of issue. 

    So, basically, just watch closely when you start getting wheelspin. Try and go easier on the throttle the lap after. I hope that improves your traction. In terms of braking, I'd suggest the same thing. First of all, the basics: you basically lock up when turning and braking at the same time, or when braking too hard, or other things like braking over an unexpected bump.  Make sure your car setup doesn't invite lockups (with high brake pressure and a high front brake bias). Try to find your braking point nicely and check when you start locking up. Check if you're either braking too late, or if you'd make the corner easily if it weren't for the lockup. If you find yourself easily making the corner (aka having slowed down well before having to turn in) you should apply less brake pressure next lap. Again, use the bars in the bottom right corner of your screen to check this.
    I hope I've given some useful advice mate, good luck.


  • ObiWanMaHomieObiWanMaHomie Member New Car Smell
    @sebasdenb what a brilliant reply, some of the information you wrote in the comment I'll definitely have a look at myself and I will see what I can do with it and if I can apply it. Seriously though, thank you!
  • NickDahyNickDahy Member Pit Crew
    Also when you are using no assists you need to get the car straight more when applying throttle.  You will need to take slightly different lines than a assists player can take at full throttle, so rotate the car, get it straight as quickly as you can before applying full throttle.

    I don't use a controller but you should go on youtube and watch TRL Limitless and look at his throttle and inputs on the bottom corner of the screen, the red and green indicators.  Also see how he is taking the corners and using the brakes and traction zones.

    Also if you are using setups, make sure that you are not taking assisted setups because they can abuse certain settings that are undrivable for no assist users.  Take setups that have no assists from the TT learderboards.
  • NickDahyNickDahy Member Pit Crew
    My league has also moved to non-assists.  I am on a wheel but I have been making Lap Guide Videos for people who have been using racing line and all assists to help them out.  Check it out:

  • Uday9479Uday9479 Member New Car Smell
    At the current Event at Mexico (driving Grosjean's car), I'm ranked at 28th as of now. I use all assists such as auto gears, brake assist & medium TC. Switching off brakes could be the 1st thing I could try but I'm ending up locking the brakes. Does the brake pressure solely point to this or even the tyre pressure?
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