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F1 2017 AI level

I'm a new player and i am wondering what is the best AI level for me in F1 2017. 
I played with redbull on easy lvl but i was lapping everyone. So i made another game with mclaren on difficulty expert (89%) but here everyone was just passing me left right and center.
So is there a way where i can know my optimal lvl to enjoy this awsome game? Or maybe some tips for a good lvl or team you think is best for me?
(sorry for my bad laguaege) 



  • HyperRiderHyperRider Member Unleaded
    Set up a race at a track like Spain and set it to use all the same cars, like the classic redbull. Then play the race and adjust the difficulty slider accordingly till you feel comfortable. It's just a trial and error thing. 
  • simonatorHDsimonatorHD Member Pit Crew
    its hard to set level for me , because the AI have a very fast 1 lap pace over race pace.....until it get a nerf, i set it so i can earn R&D points , if i set by race pace then its to hard in P&Q
  • ffigueirffigueir Member Wheel Nut
    There is a discrepancy between AI level in practicing vs qualifying vs race. Each weekend day requires a different AI level. They are always too fast in practice (not real at all) they have a good pace on qualifying and when it comes to the race, they are not fast enough. I always feel the need to increase the AI by 2 or 3 levels before the race begins.

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