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Huge Bug in my game

Basically for this f1 game ive decided not to do a career because i don't like how its been done this year so i've been sticking to the usually championships and occasionally doing a quick race etc... But i've come across a big issue with my championship that could be cooincidence but there is a small chance that it is. Basically the AI never make a mistake. I'm over halfway through the season and not once have I had a yellow flag, safety car, retirements, engine failures or even a slight touch that leaves debris from any of the AI. Damage is set to simulation and I'm doing 50% races so I should've had a number of incidents already, but I've had none. None at all. And its kinda ruined the season for me because it really does take away from the experience not having this in any races. And i'm not reinstalling my game either, because it took 20 hours to download and im not going through that again
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