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GB XB1 F1 2017 League

conrod500conrod500 Member New Car Smell
edited September 2017 in F1 Games - Leagues
GB XB1 F1 2017 League
Equal Cars Double Header
1st Race 25% Short Qualifying F1 2017 Point System
2nd Race 5 laps random grid Old School Points
All Teams Empty  Me In Ferrari and CANT TEACH DAT In the red bull
Leave Your Gamertags Below Or DM On Twitter@ConorSTR Or Xbox Message Me @farcrycm
All Races At 7pm GMT
9 Rounds 18 Races
Round 1 Brazil
Round 2 China
Round 3 Baku
Round 4 Britain
Round 5 Monaco
Round 6 Canada
Round 7 Abu Dhabi
Round 8 Austria
Round 9 Spa
Ferrari Is Now Full
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