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team radio on ps4 wireless headphones 1.6 still not working

moozi85moozi85 Member New Car Smell
edited September 2017 in F1 Games - Technical Assistance
So team radio doesn't seem to work with ps4 headphones, anyone have this issue or just me 
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  • steviejay69steviejay69 Member Race Steward
    If you search one other person did have this issue so yes.
    You'll find me at apexonlineracing.com 
  • inspiretheworldinspiretheworld Member Petrol Head
    I'm still getting Jeff say "he can't hear me," or he "didn't catch that."
    PS4 - inspiretheworld
    Steam - beans_on_toast
  • SteweyLittle281SteweyLittle281 Member New Car Smell
    I get Jeff saying "sorry didnt catch that" even when im not talking; and the microphone is on mute 
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