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Info championship online with friends and IA

LoZIO77LoZIO77 Member New Car Smell
Hello everyone,
just a quick question: it's normal that anyone (IA and my friends) haven't failure during the races?
IA don't retired for accident althouse!
We have finished the 4th race and we don't see any retired by IA for accident or failure
I think that thing isn't normal .. no?

Or is normal because in this modality (championship online) the failure and random accident for IA isn't really present???

Obviously the cars of IA retired if us we crash with their ;)

Thanks for yours reply .. and sorry for my english :)


  • bigfguybigfguy Member Unleaded
    Hello, I raised this issue, I think it's already being dealt with (in technical assistance forum)
  • LoZIO77LoZIO77 Member New Car Smell
    it's a bug? it will patched or not??
  • bigfguybigfguy Member Unleaded
    yeah, i think so. you really should look under the forum - f1 games - technical assistance
  • LoZIO77LoZIO77 Member New Car Smell
    ok ;)

    i find the topic ... i hope they fix this
  • LoZIO77LoZIO77 Member New Car Smell
    After last patch .. 1.8 on ps4... will find failure on car IA and retire ... or not?
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