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Game steering input lag?

I'm playing F1 2017 on the PC using the Logitech G29 and the steering inputs lag a bit and it makes racing almost impossible. I have read that CM games uaually have some visual steering lag but this is an actual steer response lag of about half a second. It's been impossible to take corners and correct my steering properly when there is such a large delay in my input and the response. In the wheel calibration menu the wheel seems 100% responsive but in the car it lags. Any idea what may cause this or how to fix it?? I tried vsync both on and off to no improvement with either as well as playing on a monitor and a TV screen which also didn't make a difference. Thanks for any help.


  • joserdcostajoserdcosta Member Unleaded
    Half a second is too much for sure. Try to change your tv settings to Game Mode or something similar. That's the mode the will have less input lag (+/- 20ms). 
  • noneusednoneused Member New Car Smell
    Hey thanks for the response. That didn't change anything but I appreciate it nonetheless.
  • TorqueZ31TorqueZ31 Member New Car Smell
    edited September 2017
    What FPS are you getting?  Does the input lag still exist if you put the game on ultra low?  What refresh rate does your monitor have? (let's forget the TV for now, try to isolate the issue)

    Please also list your basic PC hardware - CPU and GPU should be good enough.  Are you running custom GPU settings in the manufacturers control panel?  Try resetting these and see if the issue improves.  Do you have other driving games that exhibit this issue or is it just F1 2017?  I play this game on PC and the input lag is not enough to cause me any issues, the car feels very direct this year for me.  I have a 75hz monitor and adjust the graphic settings so that I'm getting right at 75 fps on average, then I limit the framerate to 74.6, this removes screen tearing for the most part and I have no perceptible input lag.
  • FrankeeyFrankeey Member New Car Smell
    I have a Thrustmaster GTX wheel and suddenly experienced a major input lag too. I know there could be many causes, but after a lot of trying, I discover my extended USB cable caused the lagging. I'm running on Windows 7 and using my TV to play. So, just a simple cable could cause the lag  :o

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