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Please DEVS fix the horrible AA on PC!

Sorry to say but the graphics on PC are just very bad with AA on.
As soon as object are moving i'm looking to a blurry screen.
How did this ever got passed the quality check and beta users?
It totally ruins immersion.
To make matters worse i does not accept alternate types off AA.
If i knew this would by such an issue that can only be soved by switching AA off i would not have bought this title.
Anybody on the Cody studio thought it looked great on their 14 inch laptop monitor?
Try it on 42 inch screen.


  • RichHessRichHess Member New Car Smell
    Found out that FXAA seems to work from the NV control panel.
    So basically have the choice of switching one blurry AA technique for another blurry AA effect.
  • scottishwildcatscottishwildcat Member, Drivers Champion
    I'm afraid they're not going to fix anything on any GRID game now. Development and support stopped years ago.
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  • Ak1504Ak1504 Member Unleaded
    I use ingame 8xMSAA and have great visual quality. Weird.
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