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When will Codemasters develop Project I.G.I.3 PC GAME?

UndertakerfanUndertakerfan Member New Car Smell
Please Develop I.G.I. 3 PC game.

After I.G.I.2 Cover Strike, there is no any I.G.I. version has released yet. But the game is still too popular today also (2015). Lot of players from India, Pakisthan, Russia & others play this game as Multiplayer on everyday. Over the decade gone but this game is survived yet. So we are requesting Codemasters team to develop next version of this game ie. I.G.I.3

On last year, When Gamespy got closed that time nobody was able to play I.G.I.2 Multiplayer. But some players who know about software editing, they created special kind of patch by which we are able to play I.G.I.2 Multiplayer today also.
But many players don't know about this patch so we lost many players after closing of GameSpy. Today there are few servers running everyday for IGI2 multiplayer.

We all "I.G.I.2 Cover Strike" Lovers request you to develop 3rd version of this series ie.  I.G.I.3 
There are some games developed by different companies which are distributed out by naming them series of  I.G.I.
For Example,
(1) There was game named "TH3 plan" developed by 'Eko System' in 2006, This game distributed out by naming it "I.G.I.3 Plan" --[ proof : http://sponac.com/download-project-igi-3-plan-full-version-pc-game/ ]
(2) There was another game named "THE MARK PC GAME" developed by 'T7 games' in 2007, that game was highly distributed out by naming it "I.G.I.4 The Mark" --[ proof :
Please we want official I.G.I.3, Only your "Codemasters"  have all rights to create an Official I.G.I.3

Thank You.
Waiting for your Answer !
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  • djm99djm99 Member New Car Smell
    codemasters are only working on race titles I believe
  • GOLA786GOLA786 Member New Car Smell
    I AM A BIGGEST FAN OF IGI (I'M GOING IN)  Please develop igi 3 official please we are waiting codemaster we just love both the games igi 1 and igi 2 and waiting for igi 3.. 

    Waiting for igi 3.....,.
  • AlexSelkirkAlexSelkirk Member New Car Smell
    I joined to say I agree. IGI 3 would be a godsend if done right.

    I loved IGI 1 and 2. I still have my retail versions as well as new updated like GOG versions. IGI 2 was awesome. It has lots of stealth, tons of weapons, great maps. You could play as you like all stealthy or full Rambo. It's a blast either way.

    Think of what today's new graphics and realism could bring to this epic franchise. Somebody should start a Kickstarter campaign.

    I'd. buy it.
  • farzadfafarzadfa Member New Car Smell
    Please Develop IGI 3 game .
    IGI 3 is Very popular game.
    Thursday - 2016 07 January

  • simiasimia Member New Car Smell
    Please make an igi 3...are you guys idiots...igi 2 was such a great game...i like it even more than that cod ghost blackoopp ****...there was no bullshit in your game...it felt so so real
  • CodeigCodeig Member New Car Smell
    I too love it...i would like to see some new maps..
    David should have better weapons and gadgets like thermal infrared and night vision goggles map computer etc..
    Ballistic knife ..electric stun gun...poison or cholrofom injection...
    Also mp5/mp3 silenced version, any good assault **** sniper rifle..silencer pistol all should be included...
    SPECIFICALLY ..war junkyards ,,afghanistan tunnels, oil refineries of middle east,, himalayas,,israel palestine border..could be chosen as maps..
  • CodeigCodeig Member New Car Smell
    It was a very nice game ...this time graphics and AI should get improved.
  • Jabs67Jabs67 Member New Car Smell
    WHO CARES, like most of the tat they produce dont work, or you spend hours trying to config....
  • CodeigCodeig Member New Car Smell
    Everything is automatic now ..only key pad settings  have to be fone rest all are taken care of ...overall games gives complete satisfaction.
  • kelphikelphi Member New Car Smell
    Micromachine for nintendo switch please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • HystericAngelHystericAngel Member New Car Smell
    we want igi 3.please develop it.thanks codemasters.
  • miladebrahimi28miladebrahimi28 Member New Car Smell
    I hope soon to be built IGI 3 Provided that the gameplay is similar to IGI 2.
    I've played IGI 2 to 13 times And I believe that IGI 2 is the best game in the world.
    Please be built soon, we are waiting
  • erfan75erfan75 Member New Car Smell
    release the igi3 please. its the best game ever... 

  • Mahdi008Mahdi008 Member New Car Smell
    igi very good,we vait new biyad are,tnkyuo vary mach
  • SirPhilMcKrakenSirPhilMcKraken Member Co-Driver
    Like has been mentioned, I think CM only make racing games now so don't get your hopes up.
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