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What team would you advice for a new player that has almost no experience in f1 racing, for career?

Am doing a career with a lower team but am having issues so I think I will change teams probably, what one would you go for and what settings, I play with controller a ps3(turned into a Xbox one using a program) and am a bit new to f1 racing sort of never played an f1 racing games but played some race games a bit in past but not by that much


  • iurirolhoiurirolho Member New Car Smell
    can a mod move it to the right section as i got the section wrong
  • TorqueZ31TorqueZ31 Member New Car Smell
    I would suggest less care towards which team and more care towards aligning the AI strength with your average laptime, that should make the game the most fun for you - consistent and accurate competition.

    On the other hand, pick anything except the bottom three teams.
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