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Patch 1.6 - Notes - UPDATED 13/09

jennyannemjennyannem Member, Codemasters Community Manager

Patch 1.6 is now live on PC, we've added some new bits to the patch, which has been released today, which you can find below:

·         McLaren's Engine Power upgrades will now have an effect on the car when bought and applied.

·         Spec and Multi-Class Races with Classic cars in Grand Prix now work properly. 

·         The player's Team Mate at the start of a career will now always be the one they have chosen

This is now live on PS4, and we're looking to have this go live on Xbox in the next day or so. Here are the notes for this patch:

·         McLaren Engine upgrades are now correctly applied

·         Players losing vibration / force feedback in multiplayer

·         Blue flags at the start of some race

·         Cars spawning on top of each other at the start of a race

·         Simulated lap times being too fast compared to actual race times

·         Grid penalties for changing parts now apply correctly when reforming the grid after a formation lap

·         AI will no longer post single sector times as lap times at Monaco

·         Improved texture quality on PS4

·         Stats for Public Multiplayer now work correctly (in order to fully implement and correct this, stats and ranks will be reset)

·         Added Polish subtitles

·         AI drivers will suffer reliability issues in Championships mode

·         Various crash fixes


Find any issues?  Please let us know in our discussion thread here: http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/57346/patch-1-6-discussion-thread
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