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Behind Safety Car rules

WaterShekWaterShek Member New Car Smell

Does anyone else have same issue that when the safety car is out, when AI passes me behind the safety car and I want to get my place back, I get the warning to give the position back or I'll get a penalty. Anyone with the same problem?


  • steviejay69steviejay69 Member Race Steward
    Yes plenty if you'd just look :) Body is 11 characters too short.
    You'll find me at apexonlineracing.com 
  • CanElitCanElit Member New Car Smell
    What annoys me is the falling back penalties.. I was 4th in the Renault at Singapore had a safety car but the lead guys were nearly entering the 3rd sector as I was exiting turn 3 ended up with 4 drive through penalties before I could catch up... 
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