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I'm currently in Sauber in career mode.
Is it still after GB Grand Prix when new contracts come in ? I think it used to be in 2016 edition.
Also, will there be offers from Top Teams ( if player performance is good enough ) ? In 2016 you only got offers from teams close to your own team. Even if you performed very well you never got any offer from Mercedes / Ferrari / Red Bull if you were in a McLaren....


  • ItsEckeItsEcke Member Unleaded
    Check your reputation :)                                                           
  • VettelRulesVettelRules Member New Car Smell
    ItsEcke said:
    Check your reputation :)                                                           
    Great answer..... I didn't ask why I don't receive offers from Top Teams........
     My questions is IF there'll be offers from Top Teams if you perform well in a Team like Sauber, McLaren, Haas...... In 2016 you never got offers from Top Team even so you did very well in a bottom team.
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