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Do the Aero and chassis upgrades affect visuals in career mode?

Just wondered if any of the external upgrades in the aerodynamic and Chassis tree, like the side pod turning vanes or any front/rear wing upgrades or front nose cone etc, actually affect how the car looks? If not, Codies this could be something you could either implement into this year's game or make happen in next year's? ;) xD

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  • DerpTheThirdDerpTheThird Member, Drivers Wheel Nut
    They don't, because Codies wouldn't be allowed to add false aero parts to the licenced cars 

    I had the same thought but found that they don't :/ and again the only reason they don't would be that they can't add parts to a car that don't exist irl 

    unless they have gone out their way to model every single upgrade the irl teams have made...which they haven't 
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