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Favourite classic car?

Now the game has been out for a while, and some consistent laps have been done with the classic cars, I'm wondering what are the most popular?

I am a big fan of the silver, Hamilton driven, McLaren.

It has so much grip, allowing for some wonderful cornering speeds and stopping distances.

It reminds me of why I enjoyed the earlier F1 games.

Personally, I feel it says a lot when the classic cars are more fun to drive than the current crop.

I feel so much more confident and consistent in the 2 Ferrari cars, the Renault, McLaren and the Red Bull.

Of the older cars i really enjoy the Williams with the Rothmans livery (forgive my lack of information regarding the car names/number) and the MP4/4.

It's just a shame we didn't get some classic circuits, like they did in F1 2013.

Imola, Jerez, Estoril, Brands GP and Adelaide spring to mind.

Anyway, what are your favourites?


  • PercocetPantherPercocetPanther Member New Car Smell
    edited September 2017
    I forgot to add that if anyone has any advice on how to make the 2017 cars feel as responsive as the classic cars I'd appreciate it.

    Obviously I know they are different eras and each has pros and cons, but they all feel much easier to be consistent in then the 2017 cars.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make the modern cars feel better, via a solid set up?
    My favourite is the RB6 probably because it's the most fun to drive lol 
  • PercocetPantherPercocetPanther Member New Car Smell
    I agree.

    That Red Bull just has so much grip it's outrageous.

    It changes the way you drive a circuit, as corners that require breaking in the 2017 cars are easily flat out in the RB6.

    I particularly enjoy Silverstone as you can carry so much speed through the first corner, the old first corner and the essess straight after (I can't remember the names... Becketts, maybe?)
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