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DiRT Rally feedback list

AzoresstAzoresst Member Petrol Head

Hello guys.

DiRT Rally got released today (Early acess) and the team wants to hear the feedback from all! I want to do something like the wishlist, where you post the feedback and I will make a list.

Feedback list

Cars (physics/FFB/etc):

- Tunning system;

- More authentic liveries;

- Fix the missing clutch;

- More gearbox whine;

- Seat adjustment;

- Multiple controller support (buttonboxes, shifters, handbrakes, connected at the same time);

- Use both sequential shifter and h shifter without changing the settings;

- Option to remove the arms and the wheel;

- Better gear change time and ratio;

- Car in snow specials should swivel from left to right at the starting lines;

- Virtual steering wheel turn more than 180 degrees;

- FFB needs to be revised ("it feeels very odd in the opposite locks, there is a force against the natural movement of the wheel");

- 4WD 2010's cars feel way to stiff. Should be a bit more slippery in overall;

- "Comprehensive engine damage, cracked cylinders, snapping belts, sheared mounts/anything that might come from you not spending enough time on repairs/mechanics";

- WRC 2010's cars underpowered;

- Insert the wrong gear the motor must merge;

- Upgrade the 2010s WRC cars (Mini: spoiler, front light, body kit, etc. Fiesta: rims, mirror, front side, M-Sport liveries, etc.)


- No checkpoints with clock result;

- Allow us to change language directly in menu, not only in Steam;

- Selected liveries for each car should be saved and stay as default as favorite;

- Personalized events is great and welcome but please add also a Quick race option where we can set the number of specials we want just like personalized events but without a service park, so we start with a brand new car between each specials;

- Number of kilometers for each special is not displayed as well as track layout;

- After a race, we have the special results as well as championship standing. If we hit enter it's not possible to go back to special results menu;

- When we hit finish line, the race finish...we should be able to continue driving to the service tent;

- Wind sound increasing as the car is getting faster would help evaluate the sense of speed.

- Manual wipers;

- Dust accumulation on windshield;

- Switch headlights on/off;

- Add helicopters;

- Position of the grid should be dynamically simulated. Depending if you're the first driver of the day to race or the last, you can see track degradation and wear. For example, more rocks, mud and skidmarks, so starting last is more challenging;

- We should be able to see cars behind and car starting in front of us, and be able to catch up with the front drivers;

- Add random events in race like crashed cars, rocks and obstacles, so the same special feels different even if you play it twice;

- Create an easier AI times for new gamers;

- More co-drivers voices;

- Multiview for triple screen;

- Implement tyre choice, number of tyres per event and ability to change the tyre when one of the equipped have a puncture (with time penalty);

- Add all time-of-day options (Morning, Afternoon, Sunset, Night etc..) to all locations in the game. Add precipitation options for each location and time-of-day as well. Use rain for locations with higher temperatures and snow for locations with lower temperatures;

- Add AI drivers for Rally and Hillclimb modes. AI drivers should depart with 2 minute gaps like in real-life. If this is not possible, then add some random occurrences of slow, broken down or crashed AI drivers for more realism and unexpectedness;

- Better shadow effect;

- Anti lag sounds;

- Co-driver get mad at you when you crash;

- A true broadcast style replay;

- The ruts on the side of the tracks should slow your down or spin you around (not make your car flip or barrel roll into the trees);

- Wind on the trees;

- Ability to turn off the automatic car reset;

- Add real-time deformable terrain like in the game "Spintires";

- Dynamic Weather;

- Non-competitive AI (such as some crazy spectators, animals, non-racing vehicles and clueless farmers or horse-riders or other people who seem unaware of the fact that the roads are closed for the rally) etc., and closed gates among some other toggled annoyances;

- Split times are too low on the screen;

- Co-pilot voice in cockpit view too low;

- Benchmark test with heavy weather;

- Crowd noise;

- Have the spectators run across the course trying to take pictures;

- Add an option to randomize weather and track condtions;

- Improve the plug-n-play ability of VR;

- Grip needs to be revised;

- Cut out the reset countdown when the car slides off track;

- Removable split time references in the HUD menu, as in removing the colored red and green bars from the progress bar and the difference indicator that appears in the screen when passing a time control;

- Ability to drive to the stage from service and when the stages is finished drive back to service;

- Option to save replays;

- Refresh rate higher than 60:

- Ability to move around the HUD elements;

- Remove the added penalty if off track countdown zero's;

- Remove the recovery when the car is still on stage but cutting (adding objects to discourage cutting instead);

- D-box and compatibility of other telemetry output devices;

- Tunnel sound effects;

- Revise the sounds on all the cameras view;

- The trees colors looks kind of  "flat";

- Driver names on the windows;

- Voice actor in menus giving explanations and on stage intro;

- Service and setup 'atmosphere' animated like CM05;

- Helmet cam;

- Photo mode;

- Better mud, dirt and dust effects on the cars;

- More peripheral support;

- Training/Driving School;

- Oculus Rift DK2 support;

- Mantle feature;

- Panoramic replay;´

- Allow players to save the replays;

- Community ghosts;

- Mute co-driver during replays;

- Television Cam;

- Block gearbox option for wheel users;

- Handbrake audio effects;


- No pace notes or directions on the HUD;

- No co-driver pacenote sound; (fixed on v03.1)

- Bencharmk test ("the cam stayed on the start line and my car drove off into the distance, never to be seen again");

- Game doesn't show up fullscreen when we return from Alt+TAB (Problem is maybe not related with Alt+Tabbing). but when I go fullscreen (Alt+Enter) then when I hit Resume to resume game, if I hit the Shift key (used for shifting up gear), the Steam menu pop-up. It should not, as it is assigned to the Shift+TAB key. After it happens one time, it's fixed. If I go back in Windows, return in-game then hit shift key, it do this again.;

- Hit the replay button after a stage, game crash;

- After playing with controller, the game deleted key-bindings for the keyboard;

- Snowflakes go blurry when drawn over the distant background (at night at least), as if the depth of field is applied to them, as well as the background;

- Drop of frames in the cockpit and dash camera;


- Seperate events for each category;

- Reset the career;

- 3 or more save slots;

- Ability to hire co-drivers with different voices;

- Custom rally team with livery; 

- Sponsorships;

- Custom championships;


- Laser scanned tracks;

- More longer stages;

- Power stages;

- Super special stages;

- More longer straights;

- Wildlife on the stages;

- Different palette style for the greek rally stages;

- Turn shakedown on time limited (1 hour);

- Add some degradation of road;

- Queue of cars at the start of the stage;

- Mud banks (edges of the roads/gravel) are too unrealistic;


- Portuguese;

- Polish;

- Finnish:


- Make the livery files easier to get to;

- Allow modders to create new cars/tracks;

- Allow sweetfx;

Wishes from the community:


- Dakar;

- Goodwood;

- Rally:

 - Argentina;

 - Japan;

 - Australia;

 - Spain;

 - Mexico;

 - Portugal;

 - New Zealand;

 -Safari Rally (Kenya):

 - Poland;

 - France;

 - Isle of Man;

- Hillclimb:

 - Morocco;

 - India;

 - Alaska;

 - Swiss Alps;

- Rallycross: 

 - Lydden Hill // Great Britan

 - Montalegre // Portugal

 - Höljes // Sweden

 - Trois-Rivieres // Canada

 - Circuit de Mettet // Belgium

 -Kouvola // Finland

 - Circuit de Lohéac // France

 - Franciacorta International Circuit // Italy


Current WRC (Polo R, DS3, Fiesta RS, i20);

- R class rallycars (R1, R2, R3, R5);

- Colin McRae historic car pack;

- 2000s:

 - Peugeot 206 WRC;

 - Citroen Xsara WRC;

 - Citroen C4 WRC;

- Ford Focus WRC;

 - Mitsubishi Lancer WRC '05;

 - Ford Focus RS WRC '06;

 - Subaru Impreza WRC '05;

 - Citroen Xsara WRC '05;

 - Skoda Fabia S2000;

 - Peugeot 207 S2000;

 - Suzuki Swift S1600;

 - Citroen C2 S1600;

 - Lancer Evo XIII;

- 90s:

 - Toyota Celica GT Four ST165, ST185, ST205;

 - Toyota Corolla WRC;

 - Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI WRC;

 - Ford Escort WRC;

 - Ford Escort RS Cosworth Group A/N;

 - Seat Cordoba WRC Evo2;

 - Skoda Octavia WRC;

- 90s kitcars:

 - Seat Ibiza kitcar;

 - Peugeot 306 Maxi Evo2 kitcar;

 - Skoda Felicia kitcar;

 - Renault Clio Maxi kitcar;

 - Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk IV kitcar;

- Group N:

 - Renault Megane RS;

 - Audi A3;

 - Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X;

- Group B:

 - Lancia 037;

 - Renault 5 Turbo Maxi;

- Ferrari 308 Group B;

- Group A:

 - Alfa Romeo GTV6 Group A;

 - Mitsubishi Evo IV Group A;

- Pikes Peak:

 - Audi Quattro S1 Pikes Peak;

 - Peugeot 405 T16 Pikes Peak;

 - Toyota Tacoma Pikes Peak;

- 60-70s:

 - Alpine-Renault A110;

 - Saab 96 V4;

- RallyCross

 - Supercars:

  - Ford Fiesta

  - Citroen DS3

  - Peugeot 208

  - VW Polo

  - Audi A1

  - Hyundai i20

 - S1600:

 - Renault Clio

 - Renault Twingo

- RX Lite cars

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  • RallycameramanRallycameraman Member Champion
    Massar said:
    It would be nice to have a higher volume on the co-driver. I'm having a hard time hearing him over the engine.
    That's called realism ;)
    Check out my YouTube channel - youtube.com/user/lukeharvey2006

  • MassarMassar Member New Car Smell
    Massar said:
    It would be nice to have a higher volume on the co-driver. I'm having a hard time hearing him over the engine.
    That's called realism ;)
    Meh, I've been in a real rally car and it isnt even close. Might be my computer sound then.
  • Soli2deSoli2de Member New Car Smell
    At least your sound is working...  I have no pace notes or directions on the HUD
  • davedontminddavedontmind Member New Car Smell
    My feedback so far after only a brief play:

    - my ClubSport v2 pedals didn't work properly initially - even at full depression the car was going way to slowly. I had to alter the accelerator saturation to 50% to get it to work sensibly.  Some visual indication of what axis values the game can see would be very helpful in tuning the saturation & deadzone values.

    - there appears to be no FOV setting (or is it just well hidden?). On my triple screen setup the cockpit view is too wide (like I'm sat in the back seat) and the bonnet view is too close.  Everyone's FOV is different (depending on their monitor size and distance), so a FOV adjustment is a must.

    - force feedback on my CSWv2 is rather underwhelming.

  • SkiddyMcCrashSkiddyMcCrash Member Champion
    The 2nd time I ran the benchmark test the cam stayed on the start line and my car drove off into the distance, never to be seen again.

    AMD [email protected]/EVGA GTX 1060 FTW/16gb RAM/OS - Win 10/Turtle Beach X11/360pad                                 View - Front Bumper Cam/No Assists

  • TheClawTheClaw Member New Car Smell
    davedontmind, there is an FOV setting in your profile settings.
  • AR605AR605 Member New Car Smell
    Physics aren't quite there yet, the 4WD 2010's feel way to stiff. Normally the feeling should be a bit more slippery in overall...
    But besides that, great game so far, keep up the good work!
  • warpengagewarpengage Member Team Principal
    Well, I have no immediate complaints about the graphics and the handling, for me both are great. However, one little thing I noticed is the Mini Countryman, it's still the concept car, will Codemasters update that to the final version?
  • SkiddyMcCrashSkiddyMcCrash Member Champion
    FOV is well hidden davedontmind, it's in your Profile, not your graphics settings ;)
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  • MrPixMrPix Member New Car Smell
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    - there appears to be no FOV setting (or is it just well hidden?). On my triple screen setup the cockpit view is too wide (like I'm sat in the back seat) and the bonnet view is too close.  Everyone's FOV is different (depending on their monitor size and distance), so a FOV adjustment is a must.

    Listen Up...

    1. go to your <documents>\My Games\DiRT Rally\hardwaresettings\hardware_settings_config.xml and set the following line:

    <eyefinity force="3x1p" osd="" />

    2. Calculate your correct FOV for triple screens (you can use my calculator - http://www.projectimmersion.com/fov - use AssettoCorsa or rFactor2 as the game/sim... and double the result... e.g. mine is 64... I use 128 in the file below for GRID: AS and Dirt Rally (they use the same engine)

    3. Now go to your <steam folder>\SteamApps\common\DiRT Rally\cars\generics\eyefinity_cameras_adjustments.xml and set  the Fov angle to the value (x2) from the calculator.

    <CameraAdjustment class="Head">
        <Fov angle="128" />         
        <Tilt percent="100" />
        <Position x="0.0" y="0.0" z="30.0" />

    et voila!

  • maplesyrupghostmaplesyrupghost Member New Car Smell
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    - I'd like to see a map like Dirt3 has where I can see where the upcoming turns are without a co-driver 

    - Co-driver sounds don't work for me, but I assume that will get fixed

    - We need perhaps another game mode in championship/career mode to earn credits, it's ruthless enough that you can lose more than you earn on a championship so I would like to see a few more ways to enjoy our rally cars, even a practise track would be nice.  It would be cool if we could do a single race or a challenge track of some sort with our career cars. 

    - I did horribly on the first championship race thing and lost money overall, without a way to redo that part of the championship over again I just wanted to reset the whole career and start over.  I am glad we have this option to reset progress but it also reset stats.  Seeing as how someone might want to reset it a few times, it would be cool if we had a way to reset and still retain some of those stats.  Maybe 2 pages of stats instead, and have the other one hidden from view unless you reset your stats and then a page 2 appears with stats including resets?  Would be easy to implement.

    - How about this instead, also super easy to implement, is to have 3 or more career save slots.  Because at the moment, I wasn't really presented with a save state to choose or load it just goes into autosave and does the single player experience thing.  What if someone had a little brother who wanted to play, if they played on the dudes career mode and lost a race it would negatively affect his game to the point where he might have to reset ALL PROGRESS and ALL STATS to be a fresh game, because of potentially 5 minutes mistake.  It would be cool if when we clicked on the championship button, it brought up 3 different save slots, click on the first one, enter your name, etc, and have everything else the same.  Then when you screw up after 8 hours of playing through that career, you can start a new career without necessarily deleting the old game with the old progress, you could click on save slot 2 and play.  Only reason I see this sort of thing being a necessity is because of how ruthless it is.  You can screw up so easily and there's literally no other option, just go to championship and do those sets of races, hoping to not mess up.  With Dirt3 and Dirt Showdown, you had a set of races you could do over and over until you did perfect on every one, this game is totally different in that you have 1 giant progression and if you don't win you might need to reset your whole game save.  Intense!  It was especially hard considering the co-driver sounds dont play, so it's at a great disadvantage with no map and no co-driver trying to do 100% perfect on every race.  

    - Ability to redo the 'race of the day' for the online thing.  GREAT feature, love it, will be sure to do that race of the day every morning.  I don't see why we can't do it several times through the day, not very fair if a person crashes once they are cut off from trying again.  I can understand why, but I would like to play it a couple times even if it cost me in-game credits to keep trying more than once! :)

    - I'd like stats on my online race-of-the-day challenges at some point, like a calendar I can go to and see all the days of the month, which are all races of the day so it works out perfectly, and when your cursor hovers over an icon you could quickly display the race type, car, world record and user record for that day, and you click on it have it show the top 20 users or something.  Just something so that we can look back and remember our accomplishments, 'cuz right now it's like we are just racing for our own enjoyment!  I don't see any other areas in the menu to look at what we did on those races.

    - Splitscreen multiplayer and LAN multiplayer.  I care about it more than online multiplayer (which is also a good time). 

    - If we launch our car off a cliff into oblivion, it would be cool to watch it roll to it's doom instead of the screen pausing and saying "unrecoverable car".  I'd much prefer to see the harsh reality of my mistake. 

    - Most wanted car suggestion: 1996 Suzuki Escudo Time Trial Car (Pikes Peak) 

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  • Anths95Anths95 Member Unleaded
    God I love this, it was a blast. I know the suggestions are coming fast and furious but I just have two: Can you please make the livery files easier to get to? You guys can't hate modders that much :tongue: , and I just tried cracking open a few with Ryder's pssg tool, and it doesn't work, even after unzipping the file a la Grid Autosport (I should clarify, it works for specularity files but not for textures). Also, more forceful feedback when the car is starting to slide out would be helpful - I turned it up to 100% and I still didn't feel slides until it was too late.

    Things I love to death so far: THE SENSE OF SPEED: You guys nailed this, wow. I haven't played a game that felt this fast since Grid. 
    The car choices you guys put in: I know there will be more cars later but this is already a great selection. 
    Tracks: Holy heck I love the tracks, the texture feels right and the thin, cliffside courses are basically exactly what I wanted. 
    Pretty much everything so far, this game is going to end up getting a LOT of hours of gameplay from me. I love you all for this :smile: 

    "Good drivers have dead flies on the side windows." - Walter Rohrl
    dirtitashaguy.wordpress.com - my liveries
  • JackKeyJackKey Member Wheel Nut
    Well I am pretty much more of an arcade-game it seems - but I like this game. I completed Dirt 2 on "serious" and got all Dirt 3 Platin Medals.... - but it would be nice if there was some kind of difficulty that makes it possible for me not to lose every single race. The best I could pull in this one so far was 4th place.

    If it is intended to be the Dark Souls³ in Racing Games - okay. I will still play it and still like it, but it would nice to give newbies a chance not to fail all races until they trained another decade.

    Will there be Splitscreen or LAN?
  • LedanekLedanek Member Unleaded
    I was going to say, round of applause for the Art Team, but, I've been there, so hold the applause, GIVE THEM THEIR BONUS CHECKS.

    Everyone is mentioning Physics, FFB, weight of the car, etc.

    What about the those blades of grass? Those cut down lumber? Those menacing clouds? The drone camera?
    Everyone is posting videos from the cockpit  view, but the drone camera and TV cameras are AMAZING!
    The wide angled shots will convince you to finally get those three monitor setups.

    The spectators (are my eyes deceiving, but, at night rally, the randomness of the camera flash is refreshing), the ancillary vehicles, the flood lights are just right.

    The Particle Effects are unbelievably amazing.  I wish the final product would have some sort of slider to adjust the amount of downpour or dust particles.  The dust shooting in front of the car when there's a deceleration...BRILLIANT.

    All these opinions based of  replays alone.  I cannot play until next few days, if everything goes accordingly.

    Only thing I noticed that I do not see in real life rally in YouTube is the glowing disc brakes. Specially when the car is in Wales (assuming its damp) and its moving forward. I've seen glowing disc brakes are in exotic cars or GTR races...on asphalt.

    I say bravo to the new team of  Codies that finally LISTENED to the rally community.

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