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DIRT4 poor performance PC nvidia

Hi. My system i7 3770k 3.5Ghz boost to 4.2Ghz hyper threading enabled. NVidia GTX1070 8GB. 16GB dual channel DDR3 @ xmp . Creative sound blaster FX. NVidia drivers 385.41. When set to high or ultra 1080p my fps fluctuate and drop real low in given areas. Drawing distance hits fps, quick direction change hits fps and on the podium fps drops into the low 20s. you can see frame dropping on screen via a stutter. I live in Leicestershire UK if you are still based in Warwickshire I can bring my pc to you guys to check out these faults.   


  • SkiddyMcCrashSkiddyMcCrash Member Champion
    Check your in game graphics settings, if you have Advanced Blending on, turn it off

    AMD FX-8350@4.5Ghz/EVGA GTX 970 SC ACX 2/16gb RAM/OS - Win 10/Turtle Beach X11/360pad                                 View - Front Bumper Cam/No Assists

  • bow1erbow1er Member New Car Smell
    AB, off makes no difference. Perhaps it has something to do with blurred distant objects. What setting is that.

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