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Online Multiplayer - Blue Flags at Start and Yellow Flags no VSC or Safety Car

NickDahyNickDahy Member Pit Crew
Hello Codies @F1Support,

I have verified this over and over on PS4 and on PC for online league racing or any lobby:
Short Qualifying - 50% Race - Corner Cutting Strict - Full Damage - Collisions On - Safety Car On - All Rules and Flags

Blue Flags at Start of Race

This can happen in any race from a 3 lap race to a 100 percent race.  Some drivers will get Blue Flags give up the position and can result in a penalty served by a 5 second stop and go.

Yellow Flags for entire Race when Vehicle is Destroyed
With Car Destroyed and retired the vehicle will stay on the side of the track - No VSC or Safety Car will occur but there will be a yellow flag.  These cars will stay there for the entire race.
In the race we just had about 4-5 cars were destroyed not one safety car.  In all of the races with safety car online I have never seen it come out one time.

The problem is though is that the yellow flags stay on, so if you overtake under that section of the track, you have to give back the position.

These 2 bugs are really the big ones for Multiplayer.  Once these are fixed they will be pretty good.

Here is my last race edit that will show this stuff.


  • NickDahyNickDahy Member Pit Crew
    edited September 2017
    So it looks like 1.6 has fixed the blue flags.


    @jennyannem any update or timeline when we can expect the VSC and Safety Car will be fixed for online with yellow flags and cars being stuck on track?

    Our leagues are hoping to start here in the next 2 weeks.


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