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F1 2017 Reddit Championship (PC)

Hi F1 fans!

For those of you who aren't familiar with us, our subreddit /r/VirtualWDCPC is a virtual racing league that runs the latest official F1 game on PC. Our league has been running for over 5 years and having recently completed Season 8 on F1 2016, we have now opened signups for Season 9 on F1 2017. We will be running races on Saturdays at 1400GMT and 2100GMT. Please see the signup thread here and provisional calendar here for more details.

We have players from all around the world of varying skill levels with a mixture of drivers using both gamepads and wheels. We're semi-competitive and committed to having fun and good clean racing.

We also have off week events like Rocket League tournaments, Civ V games, and more.

As mentioned, we currently have two time slots available (1400GMT and 2100GMT). If there's enough demand, we may open further time slots.

If you're interested in joining us, check out our subreddit at /r/VirtualWDCPC. We also have a league discord with joining instructions here. We hope to see you on the grid!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How long are the races? Races are 50% distance with dynamic weather and Short Qualifying.
  2. Can I use assists? Automatic Gears is allowed but all other assists are disabled in the lobby settings.
  3. Is there a safety car? Given the number of bugs which have been observed with the safety car at present, safety car will be disabled until such time as we can be sure it would not unfairly affect the outcome of races (unjust penalties for not catching up in time etc.)
  4. What about consoles? This particular league is PC-only.
  5. Equal cars? Parc ferme? Formation lap? Yes, yes, and no.


  • Spectre2689Spectre2689 Member New Car Smell
    We've opened a timeslot at 1700GMT for overflow! Spots in both 1700GMT and 2100GMT still available (and possibly 1400GMT as well after some shuffling)!
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