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Ai strategy issue

Hey Guys. I'm having this problem on Xbox one.
I have found the AI strategy in changeable WET/DRY conditions this year to be somewhat baffling. 

I'm doing a HAAS career mode using 102 (ULTIMATE) difficulty. I won a GP in only my second race on 50% distance. 
The race started dry, then rain arrived half way but the track returned to dry for the last 5-6 laps. I was I think the last car onto inters and run one set through the wet period. 
My wear before stopping for slicks was around 50-55%. But the AI however took 2 sets of inters. They didn't seem to go very far on the first set of inters considering my wear rate and grip was fine. 
This handed me allot of free positions, But the real problem came when the track was drying. My Engineer called me in for Dry tyres so I agreed as the track was visibly drying but not one AI car made the same stop. 
Amazingly they continued on inters for a further 3 or 4 laps. 
They lost huge chunks of time doing this. In that time I managed to fly from 8th to 1st overtaking many faster cars and doing lap times ALOT faster. Within 2 laps they finally pitted and gifted me the win by 30 seconds by all doing 4 stops compared to my 3 stops. 

Quite strange. 
Also I fond them to be very conservative under the Safety Car. They often stay out, only to pit within 5 laps of the safety car going in again handing out free spots.


  • patronaspatronas Member Wheel Nut
    The a1 have deffently inproved when it comes to racing but there stragergy and when the made a pit stop seems all messed up in 2016 normally the guy u were racing if u pitted early the guy racing normally folled u in pits or lap after which was quite good as most drivers were on diffrent stragergy were this year the a1 seem to be on same strategy all pitting at same time hope the way the a1 act when it comes to pit stops and so on gets sorted thought the a1 strategy was canny good in 2016 
  • RunalfRunalf Member Race Engineer
    Its the same with safety cars :( The AI does not react on safety cars (with their strategy)
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