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Siege online racing recruiting new drivers(4 seats left)(F1 2017) !PC!

MaplelelMaplelel Member New Car Smell
edited September 2017 in F1 Games - Leagues
Hi, searching for a league?

Races starttimes:
Race days: Tuesday,Friday
What do we give?
-120MB/s internet connection hosts
-Discord server
-Nice community
What do we need?
-pad or wheel(we can get rid of that if you don't do much mistakes/crashes)
-Fine connection
-A fine mic so you can talk whit us
-Must use Discord
How a Season looks like?
-50% races
-Short Quali
-Points are given like in F1
-17 Tracks will be voted
-Respect each other
-Try to avoid crashes
Brake assist: Off
Anti Lock Brakes: On,Off
Traction controll: Full,Medium,Off
Gearbox: Automatic, Manual
Dynamic Racing Line: On,Off
Pit assist: Off
-The league leaders can give penalties after race
Free Seats:
!!!All cars are equal!!!
Mercedes: 0
Ferrari: 0
Williams: 0
Red bull: 0
Force India: 2
Renault: 0
Toro Rosso: 0
Sauber: 2
McLaren-Honda: 0
Haas: 0
If you interested then add me on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198153293581/
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