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Career Mode: Bugs & Glitches

samuel1998samuel1998 Member New Car Smell
I am in my first season of career mode and haven't come across many issues but one recently at Singapore in a wet race where the AI were too far ahead when a safety car came out and I couldn't catch the driver in front quick enough so I got two drive through penalties even though the cars ahead just weren't going slow enough (also I was coming 6th so I shouldn't have been so far from the front).
I have also come across a bug at Malaysia in the race where a safety car was called out after 2 laps and nothing had happened and it would go in after being out for 2 laps and then the safety car would come straight back out again (this happened 4 times in my 50% race after 2 laps of racing it would come out for 2 laps for no reason) 
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