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Patch 1.6

I'm gettng so tired of waiting for this damn patch on xbox one. And there will probably be more we will have to wait ages for too. It's a joke. Embarrassing for codemasters. We still don't even have a release date but they are ready to update pc again in the coming days. Get a grip and don't release a broken game next year. I'd rather wait longer then have the game rushed and end up like this again. 


  • PJTierneyPJTierney Member Pit Crew
    Patches on console require certification and approval from the console manufacturers. That means that Codemasters need to wait for Xbox to do some technical checks before the patch can go live. Note that this is not Xbox looking for bugs, it's them making sure that the updated software code that Codemasters provide to them conforms to their technical guidelines.

    On PC there is no governing body which is why you see patches go live more quickly.

    Also, it's the weekend. The videogame industry needs a break too you know...

    A patch will most likely come early next week, I'm sure you can wait until then. For F1 2018, maybe you should wait until a month after launch before picking up the title, just so that the post-launch bugs and kinks get ironed out before you start playing  ;)
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  • simonatorHDsimonatorHD Member Pit Crew
    im reading that 1.6 is not perfect......its upset other areas of game...so don't put all eggs into thinging this patch will cure....
  • Leesome191Leesome191 Member New Car Smell
    Enjoy your'e £40's worth,and hope for a delay on the patch.
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