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How to survive Safety Car without getting a penalty?

Experienced this multiple times now. I'm driving my career in a Sauber. One time the Safety Car came out and I was far at the back after a crash. The driver in front of me had an 40 second gap to me, and when the Safety Car came over the line the first time, I had to close the gap. But also the driver in front of me was pushing hard because he also had to close a gap, so I wasn't able to close a gap although I was pushing as hard as I could under Safety Car. Follwing to that, I got a penalty for falling too far behind, that repeated 3 times in that Safety Car phase so I finally got disqualyfied. It doesn't make fun at all and this needs to be fixed!


  • fstarredfstarred Member Unleaded
    Yes safety car open a world of issues that are very hard to get rid of.. This was on F1 2016 and probably the issue remains on 2017
  • bassserbassser Member New Car Smell
    fstarred said:
    Yes safety car open a world of issues that are very hard to get rid of.. This was on F1 2016 and probably the issue remains on 2017
    No, this bug was definetly not in F1 2016. I played more than 200 hrs F1 2016 and had much SC phases. I tried to force this situation and that bug was never in F1 2016, so it's removable!
  • BoothJoeBoothJoe Member Unleaded
    Sorry, Bassser, but it was in 2016, too. It was what made me quit playing the game. I vowed I would not buy 2017 because of the safety care and stuttering issues, but here I am again....
  • Imhotep222Imhotep222 Member New Car Smell

    I had a similar problem in career mode (v1.5) - I was in 3rd with a large gap to the leader (Bottas) when 2nd place had an mechanical failure which brought out the SC. Did a lap at the delta pace while it picked up Bottas, then I was instructed to close the gap - which wasn't going to be possible within the time.

    Fortunately (I suppose?), the driver behind (Raikkonen) overtook me before the clock ran out - which meant he got a drive through for falling too far back, but I didn't. Furthermore, because he'd made the pass under the SC I was told I could overtake him again, but he was going fast to try and catch Bottas and I was trying to save my fuel/tyres so I decided not to try and pass him until we caught the SC. I then fell back slightly and the message switched from "overtake Raikkonen" to "catch safety car". Then after I'd caught up again, I was told to stay behind him - so I lost that place.

    Of course I was always going to get it back again when he took his drive through, but he shouldn't have been able to pass me under the SC and stay ahead - even though it was under weird circumstances. Also the fact that he had to take the drive through ruined the battle I'd been having with him over a number of laps towards the end of the race, and he missed out on 15 points.
  • ArthurRayArthurRay Member New Car Smell
    The only solution I know is turn safety car off in the option menu.  Still I wish they could do something to fix this as it is a major problem for the slower cars like McClaren and Sauber. Especially in longer races of 50 or 100 percent.  Good look in catching the front of the pack when you 45 to 50 seconds behind the leader.
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