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Dirt Rally on Oculus Rift : savegame process does not work

AlfredoBV7AlfredoBV7 Member New Car Smell
I have Oculus Rift and bought Dirt Rally a few days ago (from Oculus Store).
During the loading, i always have message "cannot save game" and i must tell "no" everytime it try to save the progress or save config.
So the game lost its interest...very anoying !
Can you tell me how to solve this ?
For info, my game is located on D :\Oculus Apps\Software\
Platform :Windows 10 x64 / nVidia GTX 1070 / 32Go memory / SSD 1 To

Thank you for your help


  • BarrakundaBarrakunda Member New Car Smell
    Any progress on this?  I'm having the same issue and it makes the game unplayable.
  • AlfredoBV7AlfredoBV7 Member New Car Smell
    Solved ! It was because of Bitdefender antivirus blocking access to the savegame dir for this app. You need to edit rules of "safe files" and allow the game ! ;)
  • errol512errol512 Member New Car Smell
    edited March 30
    i am having this same problem. i have avast as my antivirus.
    will check this later today
    my system is
    amd a10 6300
    nvidia 1060 3gb
    24gb ram
    2 wd black enterprise 500gb hd
    oculus riff touch 
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