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Weekday no assists league! (PS4)

Are you a competitive driver but sick of the jerks in public lobbies? Ever wanted to race against some of the fastest drivers on the PS4 platform?
Well, I have just the solution you've been searching for!

We will be starting up our next season of league racing on RaceDepartment for F1 2017, and there are still some open slots left. We race Tuesday nights at 8pm British time. We are hoping to have our most competitive and fun season yet on the premier league for PlayStation on the RaceDepartment site!

Open to all ability levels. We are a laid back/relaxed group of guys, but we still have our competitive side. Further announcements regarding rules and assists to be released shortly.

Anybody interested in joining? Create an account on RaceDepartment and sign up today! We will be starting the season at Australia on Tuesday, Sept 26th.

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