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F1 2017 Real helmets in multiplayer?

Hi guys, 
I've started a multiplayer championship with one of my mates as we usually do when a new f1 Game is released on ps4. Basically we're playing the game like a coop-mode a few years ago. Here is my question: is there a way to use the real drivers helmets while racing the multiplayer championship? In last years game there was an option to disable the offline career driver an instead use helmet an number of the real driver you choose. Is this still possible somehow? Thanks in advance, Skip


  • SkipToMyLouSkipToMyLou Member New Car Smell
    Sorry for asking again. But: Does anyone has an idea, guys? :-(
  • bassserbassser Member Unleaded
    No. Would be theoretical possible by modding, but Multiplayer doesn't allow modding.
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