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PS4. F1 2017. Still room for drivers. CONTACT Cfreeze22 on PS4

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TCR is a racing league started in January of 2017 which races Saturday's at 7:00PM EST(Eastern Standard Time). We have a grid which consists of mainly middle field drivers which makes the races really competitive. We also have some front runners but not too many so if ur looking to join a league where u have a shot at winning ur not too far off here. We welcome all skill levels of drivers although u must be able to use manual gears and medium traction control. But it's ok if u don't use those assists because the TCR drivers are willing to help as most of us practice during the week together. If you are interested in joining or have any questions please contact Cfreeze22 on PS4. Here is some additional information:
- 50% races
- Short qualifying
- 5 out of the 14 races are dynamic weather conditions. The rest are clear. 
- We vote for a driver of the day in group chat after the race.
- Full Damage
- SC on and formation lap on
- Not too late to join always looking for new drivers.
- website for more information is tcrleague.weebly.com

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