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Gearbox Grid Penalty Bug

BubbaGraceBubbaGrace Member New Car Smell
In career mode after completing the race in Monaco I decided to switch my gear box because it was at the end of life. Before advancing to the next race weekend (Canada) but AFTER the Monaco race I changed them. Seeing the pop-up about a grid penalty I hit ok thinking race is over so I won't get a 5 grid place penalty. After, thinking about it for a second I decide to go back to the initial gearbox before advancing to the Canadian GP just incase it does penalize me for a new gearbox before the weekend is over. I then advance to Canada and install the new gearbox. Everything should be good now, its the 7th race right? Well, after qualifying I find out I have been penalized 15 grid places. 5 for the swap to new gearbox after monaco, 5 for the swap back to the original after monaco and then for some reason 5 for the new gearbox in Canada.

In reality I should have taken no grid slot penalties at all. The monaco race was completed so I did not change them before the 6 race minimum. I should not have got an additional 5 places for switching to the initial gearbox because again, race over. Should not have taken a penalty in Canada for the new gearbox because its the 7th race.

Platform: Steam
Version: 1.6
Career Mode
Team: HAAS
Season: 1
Race: 6 & 7


  • CaptainAustCaptainAust Member Race Steward
    edited September 2017
    Even if it was the 5th race you should not receive a penalty if you swap to a new one and then swap back to the old one straight away. F.1 rules say
    "A gearbox will be deemed to have been used once the car’s timing transponder has shown that it has left the pit lane." 
    So in your case there are 2 reasons you should incur no penalty,, the 6 race rule (assuming you hadn't swapped a gearbox earlier) and the fact that the new one you put in and then took straight out didn't leave the garage. Although in this case i think the game see it not as 'race over, grand prix over' but it doesn't deem the gp to be over until you advance to the next.
    @F1Support @jennyannem does the game take into account the F1 rules in this instance or does it just assume that once you have selected to use it bad luck? 
  • BubbaGraceBubbaGrace Member New Car Smell
    Yes it was the 1st gear box originally in the car. I was going to swap to my 2nd allocated unit for Canada, which is the 7th GP. None of the penalties are valid in reality.
  • CaptainAustCaptainAust Member Race Steward
    edited September 2017
    As i mentioned, i think the game sees it as being the 6th race Until you advance the game to the next. Shouldn't happen but i minor bug i guess. At least now you know what not to do lol
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  • F1SupportF1Support Member, Codemasters Co-Driver
    There does seem to be a problem if you try to change gearboxes post-race before loading into the next weekend. Thanks for the info, we'll investigate.

    As the post above states, loading into the next weekend and changing gearboxes will allow you to make the switch without incurring a penalty.
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