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Suggestions for Clubs

LutzMLutzM Member Unleaded
Hi everyone,
here are my suggestions of features, that should be included in the clubs-feature - feel free to add what you suggest :)

- your-stage tool available in the browser where you create your road books/stages for each rally
- no chance to drive the stages before the rally starts and only when competing the rally
- possibility to change the location names for each rally (If a location is run twice within a championship)
- tool to download stage times and total times for each rally within a championship
- possibility to add different cars from different classes for a club (e.g. 2 cars from Group A and 3 cars from R5 etc)
-possibility to invite friends from Steam-friends-list

Looking forward to your ideas...

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  • Monkeyman707Monkeyman707 Member Unleaded
    By the sounds of it the clubs updated is nearly finished so it might be a bit late for suggestions.
    I'm all for the idea of not being able to race a stage apart from in the rally, also means you shouldn't be able to save the stage afterwards to stop people using multiple accounts.
    Hopefully we get more information on all the features soon
  • LutzMLutzM Member Unleaded
    Would be great, if you could see the sector-times on a stage while driving it when someone else in the club has driven this stage before...

  • LutzMLutzM Member Unleaded
    Another thing is, that the club admin can choose how much the cars are upgraded - so everyone has the same level of upgrades on his car. This is only fair when service parks are not set after every 2nd stage!
  • LutzMLutzM Member Unleaded
    Also a great idea is, that the track map of the created stage can be downloaded after creating that stage. So the track map could be used for a road book...
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